This is Ua Grails.

Hi, my name is James, and I am the founder of Ua Grails. My sole purpose and goal for this brand is to provide to the people. Knowing you can grasp and hold a GRAIL that once seemed impossible, all one click away. I was once like you, couldn't hit off Snkrs, never had the money to afford resell, but my love for the shoe game was still there. Then, I discovered UA's. Boy did it change my life for good. Not only was I able to grasp any shoe I could imagine, but I could do it at a affordable price. This is the happiness I want to share to you now. To have the opportunity to be able to have, and wear your dream Grail on your feet. It doesn't matter what people think about what's on your feet? What matters is the joy and happiness you get every single time you lace those bad girls up. On that note, I would like to personally thank you for shopping with Ua Grails, and we hope to see you soon again, copping another Grail.